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Customer File Upload

  1. Review Your Logbooks: Take time to review your logbook(s)/file(s) in detail to confirm data is correct, organized, and legible on each page

  2. Download a Scanning App: The best way to take digital images of your logbooks is to download a document scanner app to your mobile device or tablet.​​ Our team recommends the following:

  3. Take Images/Scans: Using the app, take mobile scans of your logbook pages

    • for standard logbook formats, be sure the left and right side of each page are together in the same image so our team can see each entry is its entirety

    • be sure each scan/image/file is clear and readable

    • color images are preferred, but b/w accepted

    • using the app, combine all images chronologically into ONE PDF file per log

  4. Upload Files: From your mobile device (or computer), use the upload form below to submit your PDF file(s) directly to AcuLog. 

* NOTE: If we do not receive images that adhere to above, we may ask you to redo this process.

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