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Now helping MyFlightbook users!

AcuLog is now working with MyFlightbook to ensure our mutual customers can import their transcribed flight data with ease.

MyFlightbook is an open-source, free online logbook for pilots to track their hours, share flights, and analyze their flying history. The company's mission is to give back to the pilot community.

Click here to view a Product Comparison Chart that details all the features available within MyFlightbook compared to other commercial programs on the market. Their team believes that every pilot should be using an electronic logbook. Even without being profit-oriented, they know pilots have a lot of options for their logbook. They rely on pilot community feedback and idea contributions from their users encompassing all aspects of MyFlightbook!

You can also visit their MyFlightbook Facebook page to keep up-to-date on upcoming live webinars, software update information and other aviation related content.

Start your free account today!

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