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Pilot Logbook


Our expert team meticulously audits and transcribes flight logs -- this can include handwritten logbooks, trip sheets, company flight records -- and converts your data to an electronic file that is ready to either import or print.

We are proud to be supported and recommended by:

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RB Logbook

Prosoft Binders (digital logbook printing/binding)

Cage Marshall Consulting (airline interview services)


Visit both our FAQ and News pages for answers to common questions and logbook software information, including discounts!

Service Options

Conversion Options
Paper to Digital Transcription Services

For pilots who need their paper flight records audited and converted to a digital .csv file formatted for direct import into most commercial e-logbook programs.

AcuLog will customize your import file based on your digital logbook program selection.

AcuLog works with traditional paper logbooks, company flight logs, trip sheets, etc. 

Digital Logbook Audit

Getting ready for a check ride, job application, meet & greet, important interview, or electronic data import?

AcuLog can perform a digital logbook audit (Pre-Interview Audit).


Our team searches for entry errors, flight hour discrepancies, aircraft discrepancies, and much more. We even suggest visual improvements for a polished digital logbook.

(AcuLog is no longer offering stand-alone paper logbook audits. Paper logbook audits are only included with transcriptions services.)

Custom Projects

Have a custom logbook need that isn't necessarily related to transcription or auditing?

Need to migrate your digital logbook data to a new e-log platform and don't know where to start? 

Contact AcuLog for any custom project requests and digital migration services.

Ready for Transcription or Audit services?

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