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Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: AcuLog does everything necessary to prevent transcription errors and review logbooks. Know that humans are entering the data and auditing and there’s always a chance for minor errors and we cannot guarantee an error-free file. Errors can be caused by illegible handwriting, unclear images, or accidental transposing of letters or numbers. AcuLog meticulously reviews each data file prior to delivering the draft file to a customer.  The customer will be required to review the file with AcuLog and accept all data prior to finalizing for import use.


By hiring AcuLog, customers will be subject to agree to indemnify and hold Acuity Solutions, LLC (Doing business as, 'AcuLog') harmless for any and all loss, damage, suits, claims, demands, costs, or expenses (including but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and costs) of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way connected with the data entry services provided by Acuity Solutions, LLC.


Our team will always work with each customer until 100% satisfaction is reached. If at any time you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know.

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