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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose AcuLog?
    AcuLog is a US-based team of data entry experts. We are all members of the aviation community and take great pride in our work. We specialize in transcribing paper logbooks into electronic files, generating either free-standing printable reports or importable .csv files for incorporating your flight data into commercial logbook programs. We know the aviation industry so there is no need to explain terminology. Our team members also have accounting backgrounds and a keen eye for errors. We often spot issues you may have missed and will address those with you before your file is finalized. AcuLog can generally assist with importing data files into logbook programs or in some cases, we can communicate with a logbook company of your choosing to get the process started. AcuLog strives to provide excellent customer service, reasonable turn-around time, at a fair cost. If you’re ever not fully satisfied with our services, just let us know! AcuLog is proud to be backed and supported by LogTen Pro, ForeFlight, Safelog, ZuluLog, and MyFlightBook. Click here to see what our prior customers have to say about AcuLog!
  • How much does this service cost?
    Each project is unique; therefore, AcuLog requests that customers complete a quote request form online. Our team will review the inquiry notes and if needed, discuss all information with the customer by email or phone prior to preparing a quote. Quotes are based on number of lines (flight entries) to be transcribed and complexity of the project. We take into consideration the amount of data per line and any other project variances that may make our data entry portion quicker and adjust pricing accordingly. Logbook transcription is labor and time intensive. Transcription Services: Project Fee, which includes the paper logbook audit, ranges from $175-$250 (based on project size) Cost per line/entry ranges from $0.33, down to $0.19 (based on volume/complexity) **AcuLog has a minimum $250 cost for all transcription services Standard Pre-Interview Logbook Audit: Flat Project Fee - average cost $225, up to $375 (based on size/complexity) Digital Logbook Import Service: LogTen: No additional cost ForeFlight, Safelog, MyFlightbook, ZuluLog, and most other programs: cost ranges between $50-75 depending on program Custom Projects : Flat Project Rates - contact us for custom quote Hourly Rates - contact us for custom quote Expedited Service: 40% fee calculated and added to the total project cost (not applied on Zoom sessions) 2023 Pricing (updated 10/2023)
  • How do I send my paper logbooks to AcuLog?
    Don’t mail your valuable logbooks! We request that all standard logbooks be scanned digitally or photographed using a mobile scanner app and combined chronologically into a single PDF file; one PDF file per logbook. Mobile Scanner App Recommendations: CamScanner - iOS​ App Store or Play Store Genius Scan - iOS​ App Store or Play Store The left and right side of each page should be in the same image frame, as shown below. AcuLog accepts other file types for non-standard flight logs/custom projects, like Excel, .csv, .txt, Word, etc., but those formats should be discussed with AcuLog during the quoting process. After a quote has been accepted, a customer can upload their files directly to our team anytime by following this link: (additional instructions are detailed in the quote and on our upload page) * Note: AcuLog will not accept a shipment of original logbooks of any kind.
  • What data do you transcribe?
    AcuLog will transcribe all data required for import, with the exception of remarks, endorsements, and approach types (we do capture quantity of approaches). If a customer requests or simply has less data than a standard logbook or flight log provides, our cost per line will be adjusted accordingly. Know that any data can be changed or added to an e-file by the customer at any point after transcription is complete.
  • How long does the average conversion project take?
    Current project timelines are listed here and updated periodically. Timelines are always dependent and subject to change based on the amount of data, the complexity of the project, the customer's timeline, any other project variances, and most importantly, AcuLog's active customer project queue. The project start-time begins once a quote has been approved, deposit has been paid, and all logbook image files are uploaded to our team. *Ask us about our expedited service (30% fee project fee applies).
  • How to pay for services
    Once a quote is approved, an invoice will be sent by email requesting a 50% deposit to start the project. Customers can pay with any major debit/credit card right from the invoice link online. Final payment is due upon project completion after all data has been approved by the customer and an accurate line count has been confirmed for any potential adjustment.

Disclaimer: AcuLog does everything necessary to prevent transcription errors and review logbooks. Know that humans are entering the data and auditing and there’s always a chance for minor errors and we cannot guarantee an error-free file. Errors can be caused by illegible handwriting, unclear images, or accidental transposing of letters or numbers. AcuLog meticulously reviews each data file prior to delivering the draft file to a customer.  The customer will be required to review the file with AcuLog and accept all data prior to finalizing for import use.


By hiring AcuLog, customers will be subject to agree to indemnify and hold Acuity Solutions, LLC (Doing business as, 'AcuLog') harmless for any and all loss, damage, suits, claims, demands, costs, or expenses (including but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and costs) of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way connected with the data entry services provided by Acuity Solutions, LLC.


Our team will always work with each customer until 100% satisfaction is reached. If at any time you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know.

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